Notes from the desk of Joanne Calvert re: a recent MJF podcast

Why Diet is Important:
Diet plays a key role in managing symptoms and may slow progression of PD.

Diet is As Important as Exercise:
Exercise has received more attention but diet is as important.
Two diets recommended are the Mediterranean Diet and the Mind Diet (a detailed list can be found online).
Both are proponents of fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and olive oil.
Notice not much attention is give to dairy products.
Both highlight less processed packaged foods.

How to determine what is best for you?
Make small changes to your present diet and add what foods you like as long as you are making changes.
Keep a food diary and notice if what you eat affect your Parkinsons symptoms.

Foods to Add
Anti oxidant (berries, apples)
Leafy greens (kale, spinach, collard greens) 2 servings daily
Cruciferous (cauliflower, broccoli)
Green Tea turmeric cinnamon
Unsaturated fats

Foods to Avoid
Sugars which affect dopamine cause a high then fatigue and food cravings
Try a snack of mixed nuts or fruit (See Guide in podcast for more ideas)

Eating to Ease Symptoms

Drink lots of water, eat more fibre, leave skins on food, make smaller more frequent meals

Drink water, add salt, limit alcohol

Make food softer, don’t use a straw, tuck in chin while swallowing, chew slowly and sip a liquid in between bites to increase saliva
Watch for a cough with a raspy gurgle after eating

Add spice, try sour foods eat colourful foods not bland to appeal to the senses

Helpful Hints
Try using olive oil or canola instead of butter or bacon fat
Adjust your meat (protein ) around your pills but this a personal thing to discuss with your doctor
Brain fog and diet – Eliminate dairy, sugar and gluten

Finally, have a mindset what you can ADD to your diet, NOT TAKE AWAY.