Living Better with Parkinson’s
Program Participant Criteria of Acceptance

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Be independently mobile


Ability to direct and monitor own activity level

Gentle Chair Yoga

Tuesdays 9:30 am

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Yoga First and Wellness’s goal is to offer and create an environment that allows
students to focus on themselves, feeling stronger mentally and physically, and to
develop self-confidence. The Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes are
open to everyone. Spending over an hour together practicing Asanas (postures),
Pranayamas (breath work) and Specific Core Exercises in a positive, energized
environment free of schedules, demands, deadlines and stress.

Finding Yoga, Pilates and Meditation helped bring balance into my life. By becomingan instructor, I really wanted to share this incredible journey of healing and self-love.  Classes bring something new to awaken the body and mind. Students are reminded that it’s very important to listen to one’s body, not focus on the person besideyou and to push oneself to a healthy place. Proper technique is emphasized with several variations in order to prevent and heal injuries to enjoy a lifelong practice.

Taking time at the end in Shavasana (Corpse pose) is a very important aspect of
class. This allows the student to completely calm the mind in a peaceful environment.

At the end of Yoga/Pilates, we spend about 10 minutes to centre yourself focusing on
breath and positive feelings. A form of meditation.

It’s important that clients feel completely comfortable to talk, call or email me with any questions, comments and or suggestions they may have.

What You Will Need For Class

Wear comfy clothes, use a mat or sturdy chair (with no arm rests), have water to stay
hydrated, have a strap (belt or scarf) to help with stretches if needed, have a cushion for
your knees, or head or back and a block (or cushion) to sit on and use for balance if
needed. A blanket or sweater is nice to have for Shavasana and Meditation. It is
important to practice in an environment where the temperature feels perfect for you.

Gentle Chair Yoga classes combine both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles helping the body become more supple and strong, improve breath work, calm the mind and prevent disease.  A gentle fitness practice of the body and mind. This class is designed for those who are new to Yoga, or if you have some physical limitations due to past injuries, recovery from injuries or any chronic issues. The use of the chair helps create stability while you can freely move your body. It is recommended to use a sturdy chair with no arm rests. You can stay seated in the chair the whole time or work with the chair using it for balance if you choose to stand.

Jennifer Nocito

I feel very grateful to be working in this field of business where movement and lifestyle can play an important role in people’s overall wellbeing. My Mom, who lives with me, has Parkinson’s. Doing what I can to help keep her healthy is so important. One of the major issues with Parkinson’s is that falling becomes more of a risk.

Chair/Gentle Yoga can really help to strengthen legs and back muscles plus improve flexibility so that day to day movements are easier and confidence is improved. This gentle practice can help to ward off rigidity, muscle spasms and weakness that all can be associated with Parkinson’s. I have found working with my clients at their own pace, they feel improved balance and range of motion as they become and feel stronger and more mobile. Strengthening and becoming aware of your posture and being able to make little adjustments is critical.

Through Yoga Pranayama (breathwork) and Mindful Meditation, anxiety, depression and stress can all be reduced and an improvement in concentration and motor symptoms of the disease. I have found that Mindful Meditation is an extremely powerful practice as it can be useful both physically and mentally for the people in your life as well as for your Parkinson’s symptoms. The mind body connection is a strong force that can gently calm and reduce tremors specially during times of stress.

When combining both Gentle Chair Yoga and Mindful Meditation into your weekly ritual to help manage your Parkinson’s, you will feel stronger, have increased mobility and feel more centered helping to create peace and calm within. Keep moving, have fun and remember this is your practice and your pace.

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