Dancing with Parkinson’s

Free Daily Classes to All Seniors

Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) aims to bring seniors with Parkinson’s Disease out of isolation and into an artistic community where they can dance and connect with others. DWP provides a fun, safe environment where those with PD can celebrate the artistry and potential of their own movement.

Guided by this mission, DWP now offers interactive FREE DAILY classes to ALL seniors across the country on Zoom, while we navigate through social distancing.

​You can read more about this program and organization here.

Sarah Robichaud

Executive Director and Founder
Dancing with Parkinson’s Inc.

Sarah Robichaud is a classically trained dancer who has studied and performed extensively throughout Canada, Europe and Moscow where she studied at the Bolshoi Ballet School. She has performed and choreographed for many theatre, film and television projects over the last 15 years. Her passion for an optimum mind-body connection led her to become a certified personal trainer, and later an on air fitness expert for the CBS Early Show In New York City as well as the Steven and Chris show in Canada.

As an author of two fitness books “Getting Fit Without Hitting the Gym” and her 2006 release “Working On The Ball – A Simple Guide to Office Fitness” Sarah has always been promoting healthy living through movement.

Sarah’s interest in Parkinson’s disease began in the spring of 2007 when her client Andy Barrie (formerly of CBC Metro Morning) asked her for help managing his physical PD symptoms through exercise. Sarah was so inspired by the Mark Morris Dance Group’s innovative PD dance program that she went to New York to participate in their first teacher training workshop. Upon her return to Toronto Sarah made it her mission to offer PD dance classes throughout the GTA starting March 2008. Since then Sarah has become a Canadian leader in the field of Dancing with Parkinson’s, a founding member of the Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada and the only Canadian certified by The Dance for PD organization.

For more information about Sarah see: www.sarahrobichaud.com

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