Support Group Speaker Series

Tuesday, April 9th (In person presentation)

Orla Hares – Gaitway Neurophysio

Orla Hares is the owner of Gaitway Neurophysio and is a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years experience working with neurological conditions including but not limited to Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), stroke (CVA), complex fractures or medical conditions and senior health (balance, falls and walking issues).

Orla uses up-to-date information to challenge abilities and to illicit the brain retraining you need to improve function. She can show what is possible and help you understand that almost anything is achievable with the right help!

Orla has a special interest in the management of neurological conditions and has undertaken extra training in Bobath certifications and Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT) for stroke management. Orla also as training in lee Silverman Voice Therapy Training (LSVT BIG) and Parkinsons Wellness Recovery Moves (PWR!Moves).

Orla is also Smovey trained which is the newest form of exercise and easily adaptable for all levels of mobility. Find out more about the Smovey vibroswing system here.

Orla is also a clinical instructor to McMaster Physiotherapy students.
Teaching students to be the next leaders in this field and will help bring best practice into the community!

Tuesday, May 7th (In person presentation)

Deepha Romuwalt – Physiotherapist – ProActive PhysioPlus

Deepha graduated in 1999 and started her career in the Department of Neurosurgery in Trauma care. She is a certified member of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association and has advanced level training in DT/Bobath treatment techniques. She has also ompleted the specialized training necessary for pelvic health rehabilitation. After working in long-term, retirement, hospital and community settings, she is now practicing full time in the clinic.

Deepha strongly believes in the holistic approach. Proactive Physio Plus is a multidisciplinary clinic geared toward engaging and developing clients physically and mentally. Clinically, her practice revolves on the platform of the science of neuroplasticity. She uses her skills in manually facilitating proper movement patterns while inhibiting undesired patterns. She works to restore functional movement with postural and motor control, to assist the client in attaining their goals. She provides individualized, one-on-one treatment tailored to their needs.

Deepha enjoys mentoring, educating, and has been invited as a speaker for various small groups for treatment tips and injury prevention. Besides spending time with her family and friends, travelling and reading are some of her favourite things to do.

Tuesday, June 11th (Presentation via ZOOM)

Barbara Connolly, MD, FRCP(C)

Neurology (Movement Disorders), Hamilton Health Sciences
Associate Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Barbara Connolly is a neurologist based at Hamilton General Hospital and assistant professor at McMaster University. She has been with Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) for five years.

As a neurologist and movement disorders specialist, my practice focuses on evaluating and managing patients with neurological disorders that affect movement. This includes Parkinson’s disease and other causes of tremors, Huntington’s disease and other causes of chorea, dystonia, ataxia, myoclonus and tics.